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Saint Louis Helicopter Charters

Helicopters are the most useful and versatile tools in aviation and having the right tool for the job is critical to make sure that you achieve your goals on time and under budget. We offer the widest range of helicopters in Missouri and are experts in logistics on a nationwide scale. We have aircraft provisioned all over the country but if you call us now, we can go over the specifics of your project and help schedule the proper aircraft when you need it. Our pilots have a wide range of skill sets and are as versatile as the aircraft that they fly.

Heavy Lift Helicopters Saint Louis

Lift faster and easier than conventional crane services.

Helicopters are often not only less expensive than traditional cranes, the right aircraft can outperform them on a much shorter time line. No one handles the logistics for more external helicopter lifts in Missouri than Saint Louis Helicopter Services. It's actually our expertise.

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Saint Louis Helicopter Charters

Get to work, or to play, faster than ever before.

From small and efficient Robinson R44 helicopters to luxury outfitted Bell helicopters, we can get you a fast, free quote and handle all the details for you. Whether you need to get from point-to-point quickly, transfer from one airport to another in a flash, or skip traffic problems with ease, Saint Louis Helicopter Charters is standing by right now to make your booking process a simple, fast and easy one.

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Utility Surveys and Repair

Aerial inspections and emergency response for Missouri utilities.

Helicopters are uniquely positioned for work with utilities and natural resource missions near Saint Louis. We are prepared to conduct ROW and site inspections for transmission lines and pipelines. With HD cameras as well as LiDAR, infrared, and GIS mapping technology, helicopters can also find leaks or weaknesses fast and help get repair teams to the scene quickly.

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Emergency Response Helicopters in Saint Louis

Disaster and emergency response in Saint Louis.

Natural disasters and medical emergencies require lightning fast response and nothing fits this role better than a helicopter with an expert team at the helm. Get back on your feet faster with the help of Saint Louis Helicopter Charters.

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Aerial Surveys Saint Louis

Your high-tech eye in the Missouri sky.

Over the last decade, helicopters have become the premium aerial platform for performing detailed land surveys around Saint Louis. HD cameras on gimbal mounts, LiDAR, GIS mapping, infrared, and more provide a view of key assets and properties that are unattainable otherwise.

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Saint Louis Helicopter Tours

Scenic Saint Louis helicopter tours.

See Saint Louis in a way that few get to experience. Take a helicopter tour of Saint Louis and the surrounding Missouri countryside. Bring your camera and capture all the photos that you want. Give us a call for a standard tour or a custom flight plan and see Saint Louis exactly how you want to see it!

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Agricultural Aerial Application in Missouri

Aerial application for Missouri agriculture.

Keep your fields healthy and productive with precision aerial application from Saint Louis Helicopter Charters. From row crops to orchards, you can be confident that your fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and more will be applied where they are needed without waste of time or product.

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When you call Saint Louis Helicopter Charters, you get a dedicated helicopter logistics expert to handle all of your needs from start to finish. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and more availability than our competitors. Let us show you the difference that experience and dedication can make.


Superior Helicopter Services

No one in Missouri does it better than the team at Saint Louis Helicopter Charters.

expert logistics

Planning is critical when it comes to making sure that your helicopter project goes off on time, under budget, and without a hitch. The right team for your job is standing by.

nationwide coverage

With aircraft all over the country, having up to the minute details about the location and configuration of helicopters helps us have the edge on the competition.

the most aircraft

Our network of FAR Part 135, Part 133, and Part 91 pilots and aircraft is constantly growing as we make more partnerships. We make it easy to help you find the perfect fit.

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